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’80s: Se­ri­ous­ly, Though

Chub­by twink: The ’80s called, they want their lip­stick back.
Chick in black with bright red lip­stick: Your boyfriend called, he thinks you’re fat.

Chub­by twink runs off cry­ing, chick in black lights a smoke.

–Wit­ty’s La­goon, British Co­lum­bia, Cana­dia

Over­heard by: sleep­less

It’s a Cry for At­ten­tion

Goth girl #1: So, the stu­pid cam won’t fuck­ing stop fol­low­ing me.
Goth girl #2: [Hiccuping.]Goth girl #1: And I can’t ad­just it or any­thing.
Goth girl #2: [Hiccuping.]Goth girl #1: So it’s re­al­ly fuck­ing–
Goth girl #2: –[Hiccuping.]Goth girl #1: Would you fuck­ing stop it?!

–Venice Beach, Cal­i­for­nia