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And Prince

Aunt, look­ing up at the stars: What is that?
Nephew: Is this the south­ern or north­ern hemi­sphere?
Aunt (gig­gling): I have no idea.
Cousin, with­out look­ing up : That’s Ori­on. You can see Meis­sa, the star at the top, that’s its head. The re­al­ly bright one is Rigel, that’s sup­posed to be the knee. If you fol­low the con­stel­la­tion down­wards you’ll see Sir­ius.
(blank dumb­found­ed looks)
Cousin: That’s, um, where the aliens from V come from.
Aunt, com­plete­ly un­der­stand­ing : Ohh­hh!

–Beach­es of Koh Sumet, Thai­land

All the Good In­den­tured Servi­tude Po­si­tions Have Been Out­sourced to In­dia

Amer­i­can girl #1: You know what I want to get while I’m here in In­dia? A Sher­pa. That would be so cool.
Amer­i­can girl #2: What’s a Sher­pa?
Amer­i­can girl #1: It’s, like, a peo­ple en­dem­ic to the Hi­malayas. You can buy one, and they car­ry your stuff for you.
Amer­i­can girl #2: Oooh, that sounds nice!

–Goa, In­dia

Over­heard by: Wish I were Cana­di­an

That’s Just Na­ture’s Way of Telling You They’re Done

Teenage girl #1: Are my nip nips show­ing?
Teenage girl #2: Your what whats?
Teenage girl #1: (points) My nips. It’s blink­ing cold, you know.
Teenage girl #2: Er… Ohh, that. Nope, can’t see a thing.
Teenage girl #1: You bet­ter check from time to time, okay? Like se­ri­ous­ly. I don’t care, I need to poke them back in.
Teenage girl #2: But even if you poke it back in, it just pops back out like no­body’s bussi­ness! What do you do then, keep pok­ing?

–Sun­way La­goon, Malaysia

Over­heard by: babyb­hang