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Their Brains Are in a League of Their Own

Movie crit­ic #1: You know that movie, with Tom Han­ks, where he plays the drunk base­ball play­er? And the women are the play­ers be­cause the men are gone?
Movie crit­ic #2: Where?
Movie crit­ic #3: To war.
Movie crit­ic #2: So the women played base­ball? That was­n’t a movie.
Movie crit­ic #1: You know, the movie has that star that’s on TV. Bette Davis’ daugh­ter.
Movie crit­ic #3: Who?

De­bate goes on for sev­er­al min­utes.

Movie crit­ic #1: Wait, it’s Geena Davis! She’s Bet­ty Davis’ daugh­ter! See the re­sem­b­lence in the eyes?
Movie crit­ic #3: Did­n’t Bet­ty Davis hate Geena be­cause she was tall?
Movie crit­ic #1: Well, she got the part any­way, did­n’t she? Geesh, I wish I could re­mem­ber the name of that movie!

–Nau­set Beach, East­ham, Mass­a­chu­setts