Cute surfer: So, how’s it go­ing? Did you go out with her again?
Re­al­ly cute surfer: Oh, no, she’s trav­el­ing, but I’m wait­ing for her to come back.
Cute surfer: You’re re­al­ly in­to her, right? I thinks she’s hot.
Re­al­ly cute surfer: Yeah, she’s amaz­ing.
Cute surfer: Have you, like, talked to her about go­ing out again?
Re­al­ly cute surfer: Yeah, kin­da… [Look­ing away and wav­ing] Hey, dude, stop talk­ing about it. My girl­friend is com­ing.
Cute surfer: Oh, okay [smiles and waves to girl].

–Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Over­heard by: And I thought he was cute